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Darwin Speaker

This is a 5W speaker, equipped with a 3.7V 1.000mAh battery for long-lasting playtime. Its wireless connection ensures seamless affinity. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of removable metal grilles for a full customization and a carabiner to carry it around.
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Chadwik Earbuds

Innovative with a recycled rABS body, these earbuds feature ANC and water resistance IPX4. LED indicators to how charging level. USB-C connection ensures convenience. Benefit from 8 hours of playing time with the 500mAh battery.
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Hertz Powerbank

Sustainable strength in rABS. Empower with 30.000mAh. Unleash 30W output. Connect through USB-C and USB-A, bi-directionally. LED display guides your energy journey. A fusion of eco-luxury and power.
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Versacord Cable

Embrace the 5-in-1 cable: adaptable, loopable for on-the-go. Its braided rPET strength and recycled ABS connectors redefine sustainability. A smarter charge that's kind to both devices and the Earth.
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Franklin Wall Charger

rPET body intertwines with dual USB-A and USB-C heads, with 20W power allowing fast charging. Not just a link, but a statement of eco-conscious energy. Plug into a world of effortless, mindful charging.
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Asimov Cable

Our innovative 5-in-1 fast charging cable. With connectors for USB-A, USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning, it's a versatile companion. Encased in an individual cardboard box, the cable displays sustainability with its rPET jacket.
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Feynman Cable

Embark on a new era of connectivity with our 1m cable. With a body intricately crafted from bamboo and rPET, it flawlessly unites USB-A, USB-C, Micro- USB, Lightning and Wireless Charging. Elevate your tech experience while fast charging.
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Sagan Cable

Designed in rPET, this cable easily holds all of your daily tech and lifestyle necessities, thanks to its smart design and system of functional outputs (4 in 1). It will be your perfect everyday companion, no matter what your day has in store.
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Koch Cable

Our 1m rPET cable, a design that seamlessly links USB-C to USB-C, offers a gateway to your digital world. With sustainability at its core, it's more than just a cable: it's your eco-conscious choice for elevating your tech experience.
1999 in stock

Leibniz Cable

Upgrade your tech effortlessly with our eco-friendly 1m rPET cable, seamlessly connecting USB-C to USB-A. Simplify your connections, reduce waste and embrace innovation.
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Ramanujan Cable

Revolutionize your charging experience with our 1m rPET cable. Seamlessly connecting USB-C to Lightning, it's eco-friendly, efficient and ready to power up your devices effortlessly. Upgrade your tech with a sustainable twist.
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Bernoulli Cable

Elevate your charging game with our 1m rPET cable, designed to simplify and accelerate your digital life. It connects USB-A to Lightning, ensuring not only speedy charging but also a sustainable choice. Enjoy greener tech solutions.
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FusionBeat Earbud

Revolutionary 3-in-1: earbuds, speaker and powerbank. Features 5000mAh battery, a 5W speaker with more than 5 hours of playtime and earbuds with TWS technology. All crafted sustainably with rABS.
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Aerotunes Earbud

Earbuds reimagined: open design for workouts and cycling. Dual 120-degree rotation. Bass enhanced and playtime up to 5 hours. Crafted from rABS, innovation and sustainability meet in harmony.
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Ghostbuds Earbud

The future of audio meets the elegance of transparency. These sleek earbuds deliver exceptional sound with 13MM speaker drivers. With up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge plus a compact charging case, your music never skips a beat
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Pascal Earbuds

Sleek sustainability in rABS and recycled aluminium. Horizontal case design adds elegance. Enjoy 7h playtime, 400mAh battery case and convenient USB-C charging port. Elevate your listening experience with our earbus.
5977 in stock

Pasteur Earbuds

Elegantly eco: rABS earbuds and case. Horizontal sophistication. 5h playtime. Case empowers 400mAh battery, with USB-C input. Embrace sustainable style, where tech marries environmental consciousness in perfect harmony.
6000 in stock

Ultraz Headphones

Immerse in serenity with these Active Noise Canceling headphones. 40mm drivers and 4 AI-powered mics ensure unparalleled audio. Travel case included. Enjoy 40+ hours of playtime. Crafted with care from recycled ABS Plastic.
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Echodeep Headphones

Elevate your sound experience with over-ear headphones delivering rich bass through 40mm drivers. Enjoy comfort with soft earpads. Revel in 30+ hours of playtime and embrace sustainability with recycled ABS plastic construction.
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Galileo Headphones

Headphones with seamless wireless connection. rABS body and earmuffs unite style and sustainability. Up to 8h autonomy keeps you tuned in. USB-C door simplifies charging. Your choice for an eco-friendly sound experience.
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Faraday Headphones

These headphones blend eco-luxury: in rABS and cork details. Ear pads that amplify comfort and a wireless connection to make them easier to use. 8h autonomy, USB-C door for seamless power. Sound and sustainability in perfect harmony.
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Fleming Headphones

Immerse in wireless bliss with these headphones. Epitomize eco-luxury: rABS and bamboo details. The ear pads garantee comfort. 8 hour autonomy, while the USB-C door ensures swift charging.
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Bell Headphones

ANC headphones made with sustainability: rABS and recycled metals. Comfortable ear pads echo the theme. Up to 20h autonomy thanks to the 500mAh battery and USB-C convenience complete the harmony of design and function.
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7996 in stock

Copernicus Headphones

Crafted in eco-friendly rABS, these wireless headphones have 16 hours playtime, amplify sound with ANC, house a mic and charge effortlessly with USB-C. All carefully packed inside a recycled cardboard individual box.
4994 in stock

Voltix Powerbank

Step into convenience with our 10000mAh powerbank. Equipped with 2 USB A + 1 USB C ports, it swiftly charges your devices. Revive your phone 4-5 times on a single charge, keeping you connected. Max output power of 18 W. Crafted responsibly from rABS.
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Ampx Powerbank

Meet the 6000mAh powerbank: your tech companion for every journey. Its USB A + USB C combo charges swiftly, giving phones 2-3 revitalizing rounds. Max output power of 18 W. Thoughtfully designed with rABS, it's a sustainable choice that respects the planet.
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Archimedes Powerbank

Our powerbank, crafted from cork and wheat straw, boasts a capacity of 10,000mAh, delivering 10.5W output via cable and 15W wirelessly. It's your ideal companion for extended adventures. Equipped with USB-C, USB-A, and micro-USB ports, it ensures efficient charging. Experience eco-friendly power like never before.
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Pythagoras Powerbank

Within a serene bamboo haven, a reliable companion emerges – a powerbank. With a capacity of 10,000mAh and a rapid 15W output (both cable and wireless), it seamlessly combines the modern convenience of a USB-C port while retaining the versatility of a USB-A. Effortlessly bridging the realms of nature and technology.
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Mendel Powerbank

Experience the power of sustainability with a body crafted from rABS. Boasting a potent 5,000mAh capacity, it becomes your trusted energy source. Enjoy a robust 22.5W output via cable and 15W output wirelessly, with the added convenience of magnetic charging.
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Elexa Powerbank

Embark on limitless adventures with our 20000mAh powerbank. Charges laptops using 2 USB A + 1 USB C ports, delivering 30W power. Stay connected as it refuels your phone up to 8-9 times. Crafted from recycled ABS.
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Hooke Powerbank

Embrace the freedom of uninterrupted energy with a formidable 10,000mAh battery capacity. This dependable energy source ensures that your device stands by your side throughout your daily adventures, providing you with a powerful 22.5W output via cable and 15W output wirelessly, delivering all the power you need, when you need it, with the added convenience of magnetic charging.
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Soundview Speaker

Experience the marvel of 15W sound with a speaker that delivers rich bass. Featuring a built-in LCD to display song details and dual EQ modes to cater to your sound preferences. Enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime thanks to the 3600mAh battery. Carefully crafted from recycled ABS plastic, it embodies innovation and sustainability. Charge it with the convenient USB-C cable in just 2 hours.
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Soundo Speaker

Pumping out 3W, this speaker delivers powerful bass from its driver. The grid is ready to showcase a full-color logo. With an 800mAh battery, it guarantees up to 7 hours of playtime. Made with eco-conscious recycled ABS plastic, it harmonizes music and sustainability. Charge it in just 2 hours with the convenient USB-C cable.
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Dipster Speaker

A portable speaker with IPX 7 waterproof protection and a built-in handle. Deep bass rumbles through its 5W might. Customize with removable grid and plate for digital prints. Playtime of 10 hours. Eco-friendly, made from recycled ABS plastic.
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Boomz Speaker

Compact yet bass-rich, this pocket-sized speaker packs a 800mAh battery. With a 5W driver, it impresses. Double-sided printable areas offer customization. Playtime for 5 hours. Crafted from recycled ABS plastic, it's music and sustainability combined.
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Einstein Speaker

Delivering 3 watts of sheer auditory delight, this speaker is a marvel. Its USB-C charging door ensures convenience. With 400mAh, enjoy 3 hours of lively playtime. Crafted from bamboo and rABS, its eco-friendliness echoes.
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5000 in arrival

Newton Speaker

Delivering 40W (20x2) power and crafted from rABS, this speaker resonates with clarity. A 6000mAh battery fuels 5 hours of immersive play. IPX5 waterproof, it's your musical companion. Wireless 5.0 connection extends the range up to 10m.
2000 in stock

Da Vinci Speaker

A gem at 10W, this speaker delivers a rABS body and rPET grill. Powered by a 2600mAh battery, it fuels 10 hours of dynamic play. Uniquely, the removable grill offers direct printing, personalizing your experience. It also offers a IPX4 protection.
6028 in stock

Jouncer Speaker

Empowered by V5.1 wireless connection, this recycled ABS speaker bridges within =15m. Quicky charged at 20V/3A, it boasts 150W power output. A 15000mAh battery fuels 30H playtime @60dB SPL. Iit's a harmonious blend of technology and sound.
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Gauss Speaker

Introducing the rABS portable speaker: seamless wireless connectivity, 300mAh battery for 1.5hrs of continuous playtime. Compact, vibrant and perfect for your on-the-move musical adventures. Packed in an individual kraft box.
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Avicenna Speaker

Eco-friendly speaker made from rABS and rPET. Dual 20W drivers deliver a powerful 40W audio experience. Enjoy extended playtime with a 5200mAh battery (2600mAh) and seamless wireless connectivity. Sustainable sound at its best with IPX6 protection.
2976 in stock

Hawking Speaker

This recycled speaker is made from rABS and rPET. 4.000mAh (dual 2000mAh batteries) provide ample playtime. Customize your sound with removable grilles. Stay connected effortlessly with wireless connection and 2 x 5W power.
3888 in stock

Trinifty Wireless Charger

Experience amplified convenience with our 3-in-1 wireless charging system, compatible with AirPods, MagSafe-enabled phones, and Apple Watch. With a maximum output power of 18W and 15W when wirelessly charging, it offers versatility and efficiency. The removable MagSafe power bank, boasting 5000mAh, elegantly slides out for added convenience. Crafted sustainably from recycled ABS plastic, it embodies our commitment to eco-friendly design
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Kepler Wireless Charger

Enjoy the elegance of bamboo with this wireless charger. With a robust 15W charging capacity, it effortlessly fuels your devices. The USB-C door ensures efficient charging. This charging solution is a statement of style and eco-consciousness.
5000 in stock

Descartes Wireless Charger

Effortlessly blend style and function with a cork wireless charger. Experience 15W charging prowess. The USB-C door ensures connectivity, enhancing your charging. This wireless charger epitomizes a union of natural aesthetics and technology.
5000 in stock

Linnaeus Wireless Charger

Embrace the future with an eco-conscious rPU body. This wireless charger offers three charging power levels: 15W for fast charging, 5W for steady power, and an additional 2.5W output. The inclusion of a USB-C port adds convenience. It comes with a color-matching cable (available in White or Black) that is 1 meter long
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