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Mondrian Blanket

Wrap yourself in cosiness with our 270gsm wool and rPET blanket. Sized at 120x160 cm, it comes packed in a recycled cotton bag and features a dedicated customizable patch. Embrace comfort and custom style.
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Giotto Blanket

Cosy up sustainably with our recycled cotton blanket made with care. At 120x160 cm and 200 gsm. It's perfect for warmth and comfort. With a customisable patch and packed eco-consciously in a recycled cotton bag, embrace eco-luxury.
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Lichtenstein Blanket

Snuggle guilt-free with our rPETsoft blanket, 180 gsm of eco-softness. 160x120 cm for cozy comfort. Packed in recycled cotton bag, with a special patch for personalization. Enjoy warmth and sustainability.
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Pollock Blanket

Wrap yourself in eco-conscious blanket. Made from rPET, this lightweight 180 gsm blanket measures 160 x 120 cm. It comes with a recycled PU customisable patch and a recycled cotton bag. Embrace sustainable snuggles with our thoughtfully crafted blanket.
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Van Eyck Blanket

Wrap yourself in pure comfort with our rPET blanket, 240 gsm of softness. Measuring 120x160 cm, it's eco-packed in a recycled cotton bag, complete with a special patch for personal printing. Embrace warmth and individuality.
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Ernst Blanket

Indulge in sustainable luxury with our recycled cotton 220gsm blanket (80% recycled cotton and 20%rPET). It offers plush comfort at 130 x 160 cm. The horizontal stripe pattern adds a touch of modern elegance. All packed inside a biodegradable polybag.
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