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Magritte 1000 Canister

This canister is made of 1015ml (1000ml net) of purity. Crafted from borosilicate glass and crowned with a cork lid. From grains to sweets, it keeps your treasures fresh, safe, and stylish.
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Magritte 500 Canister

In the heart of your kitchen, this canister can stand tall with its 580ml (500ml net) of storage. Borosilicate glass meets the charm of a cork lid that ensures your ingredients are preserved, whether it's aromatic tea leaves or cookies.
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Munch 1000 Canister

Our canister is a 980ml (900ml net) ceramic charm, topped with bamboo grace. A silicone seal keeps freshness in check. It's your kitchen's guardian, from sugar to secrets, ready to sprinkle a bit of magic into every recipe.
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Munch 500 Canister

This canister, with a capacity of 525ml (440ml net), is a ceramic treasure with a bamboo lid, adding a kind touch to your culinary haven. The silicone sealing ring guards your ingredients and secrets, ready to infuse every dish with a dash of elegance.
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Delacroix 2100 Canister

Keep your food fresh with this 2130ml (2040 ml net) borosilicate glass canister with a recycled stainless steel lid and silicone sealing ring. The clear glass walls let you see what's inside and the airtight seal keeps it safe. Perfect for storing anything.
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Delacroix 1200 Canister

This 1270ml (1130ml net) borosilicate glass canister keeps your food fresh and flavorful. Recycled stainless steel lid with silicone sealing ring keeps out moisture and pests. Perfect for storing coffee beans, tea leaves, spices or any other dry food.
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