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Gauss Speaker

Introducing the rABS portable speaker: seamless wireless connectivity, 3W, 300mAh battery for 1.5hrs of continuous playtime. Compact, vibrant and perfect for your on-the-move musical adventures. Take approximately 1h to charge through the USB-C input. Packed in an individual kraft box.
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Darwin Speaker

This is a 5W speaker, equipped with a 3.7V 1.000mAh battery for long-lasting playtime. Its wireless connection ensures seamless affinity. Enjoy 1.5h ofplaytime and charching time is about 2h through the USB-C connection. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of removable metal grilles for a full customization and a carabiner to carry it around.
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Dipster Speaker

A portable speaker with IPX 7 waterproof protection and a built-in handle. Deep bass rumbles through its 5W might. Customize with removable grid and plate for digital prints. Playtime of 10 hours, 800 mAh battery and TWS system. 2.5 hours of charging time with USB-C input. Eco-friendly, made from recycled ABS plastic.
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Boomz Speaker

Compact yet bass-rich, this pocket-sized speaker packs a 800mAh battery. With a 5W driver and TWS system, it impresses. Double-sided printable areas offer customization. Playtime for 5 hours. Charging time of about 2h through the USB-C input. Crafted from recycled ABS plastic, it's music and sustainability combined.
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Da Vinci Speaker

A gem at 10W, this speaker delivers a rABS body and rPET grill. Powered by a 2600mAh battery, it fuels 10 hours of dynamic play. Uniquely, the removable grill offers direct printing, personalizing your experience. It also offers a IPX4 protection. Charging time from 3 to 4 hours through the USB-C connection.
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Hawking Speaker

This recycled speaker is made from rABS and rPET. 4.000mAh (dual 2000mAh batteries) provide ample playtime of 4 hours. Customize your sound with removable grilles. Stay connected effortlessly with wireless connection and 2 x 5W power. The TWS technology allows connection to other devices. Charging time of about 3 hours through the USB-C connector.
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Einstein Speaker

Delivering 3W of sheer auditory delight, this speaker is a marvel. Its USB-C charging door ensures convenience. With 400mAh, enjoy 3 hours of lively playtime. Charging time of about 1h. Crafted from bamboo and rABS, its eco-friendliness echoes.
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Soundo Speaker

Pumping out 3W, this speaker delivers powerful bass from its driver. The grid is ready to showcase a full-color logo. With an 800mAh battery, it guarantees up to 7 hours of playtime. Made with eco-conscious recycled ABS plastic, it harmonizes music and sustainability. Charge it in just 2 hours with the convenient USB-C cable.
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Soundview Speaker

Experience the marvel of 15W sound with a speaker that delivers rich bass. Featuring a built-in LCD to display song details and dual EQ modes to cater to your sound preferences. Enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime thanks to the 3600mAh battery. Carefully crafted from recycled ABS plastic, it embodies innovation and sustainability. Charge it with the convenient USB-C cable in just 2 hours.
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Avicenna Speaker

Eco-friendly speaker made from rABS and rPET. Dual 20W drivers deliver a powerful 40W audio experience. Enjoy extended playtime with a 2600mAh and seamless wireless connectivity. 6h playtime and 4 to 5 hours of charging time through USB-C port. Sustainable sound at its best with IPX6 protection.
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Newton Speaker

Delivering 40W (20x2) power and crafted from rABS, this speaker resonates with clarity. A 6000mAh battery fuels 5 hours of immersive play. IPX5 waterproof, it's your musical companion. Wireless 5.0 connection extends the range up to 10m. Charging time from 2 to 3 hours through the USB-C connection.
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Jouncer Speaker

Empowered by V5.1 wireless connection, this recycled ABS speaker bridges within =15m. Quicky charged at 20V/3A, it boasts 80W power output. A 5200mAh battery fuels 30H playtime @60dB SPL. It's a harmonious blend of technology and sound. Charging time of approximately 3 hours.
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